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A love letter.........

This is a love letter. We are not a religion, unless you regard LOVE to be a religion. For in all faiths, in all of humanity, love is the common. Holy Books tend to bring confusion and divisions. Music is bad or dancing is wrong or you should vote this way or ......


The wrong that exist is that lack of love. It is not whether you or gay or whether you are poor. It is not whether you like one thing and not another. It is that one simply act of love.


Throughout it's history religion has been the most dividing of any thing invented by man. It is mere superstition. When you fear the black cat that crossed your path you are controlled by that fear. And when you fear the wrath of an unseen god you are controlled by that fear. In neither case, though you can see the black cat and not the god, it is not the cat or the unseen god controlling your life- it is the fear.

The same superstitious imaginations that at one time prompted man to label thunder as the voice of god also created the "gods" of all religions today. We now know what causes thunder, we now know that the earth is not flat. We know that "shooting stars" are not stars at all, and we know that people do not rise from the dead.


In the 25th century the church relegated marriage, wills and such. Though now church, religion, has gven up her hold on wills she would still seek to maintain her control over marriage. Who can and who cannot be legally married by the state. In fact most states in the United States still require that only a persona ordained by a recognized church marry or officiate over a wedding. So in some sort of back door way religion holds it's supersticious and evil power over our lives.


It is the superstitious nature of religion and invisible gods that have held back our advancement in medical science over the years. Yet religion and church have bilked, blackmailed the populice out of thier savings to actually buy the superstitions they sell. In our country it is the Christian faith that is dominant. But what if you had been born in say India? What would you god or gods be then? Religion is a culturally controlled superstition and the divisiveness that stands most prominately throughout the world stems from those superstitions. Even in our political arena we hear of "bible based" morals. Yet it is the very ones loudly promoting such bible based morals who fall short of holding to those so called morals. One popular political figure in the past few years promotes such morals in her speach to the point of trying to twist history to have many believe that the United States Constitition was based on Bible morals and Bible principles. This stands in the face o reality. For no where in the constitution is te bible refered to nor the name Jesus mentioned. And as this person prmotes such she presents to the public an unwed teen getting pregnant with what was once called a bastard child.  So much for bible morals.  

Welcome to the home of the International Old Catholic Church

Want freedom? Then dispose with church and religion. Apply radical love. Apply radical compassion. Then freedom will be yours as you share freedom with others. 

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